Woman awaiting sentencing for making a false rape claim is refused bail

A WOMAN currently awaiting sentence for making a false claim to police that she was raped was refused bail today.

Krystal Alana Anderson made a bail application at Belfast Crown Court, which was refused on the grounds she may fail to attend court for her sentencing.

Prior to the application being refused, defence barrister Sean Mullan, representing the 27-year old, said that while he accepted there have been “difficulties” concerning Anderson attending court in the past, if she was granted bail and conditions were imposed such as tagging, police would be aware of her whereabouts.

Informing the court that Anderson has pleaded guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice on June 5, 2016 by making a false claim she was raped, Mr Mullan said his client was due to be sentenced on August 28.

During the hearing, it emerged that Anderson, from Glenwood Park in Dunmurry, failed to attend court on two previous occasions, and both times she went to Scotland.

Following the second failure to attend court, a warrant was issued and subsequently executed on June 14, and Anderson has been in custody since.

Mr Mullan said Anderson suffered from a personality disorder, and explained that she went to Scotland twice when she was having relationship problems, which caused her to miss her court appearances.

The barrister told Her Honour Judge McCaffrey that while there was “no doubt the court has some concerns about her potential to not turn up for sentencing,” these concerns could be addressed by stringent bail conditions.

Opposing Anderson’s release, prosecuting barrister Gareth Purvis said that after absconding on two separate occasions to Scotland, “if she is released with sentence looming on August 28, she may abscond again.”

Refusing the application, Judge McCaffrey said: “Given the difficulties there have been in the past, and given the sentence date is really quite close – only three weeks away – in the circumstances, it would not be appropriate to grant bail.”


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