“Truth” by Charlie



What happened to you Truth?

You used to stand so tall.

And now you hide and skulk in shadows

Afraid to take my call.

The shining beacon you once were-

Now a distant memory.

When I needed you by my side.

You just abandoned me.

You used to be a lion,

Powerful and fierce,

Now crawling on your belly,

A pathetic cowardly beast.

What is left without you there?

Without your guiding light.

Without you there to hold my hand ,

I’ll always lose the fight.

The liars now rule the land,

Black-eyed; and with forked tongues.

Instead of meeting eye to eye,

You turn your tail and run.

How many more must suffer

Every single day?

While you cover ears and eyes

And wish it all away?

If you expect me to kneel and beg,

I’m well beyond that stage.

The only things I feel for you

Are hate, disgust and rage.

But yet; it’s not too late,

For you to reappear.

That all my faith in you is gone

Remains my greatest fear.

So on I go;  no matter what

Picking up, what was your fight.

Against all odds! Against it all

I try to do what’s right.




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