The Press Told Me So – By Charlie


Here is another poem from the Failed Justice falsely accused prison resident poet Charlie…

The Press Told Me So – By Charlie

Do you feel powerful?
Do you feel just?
Picked for the crowd
Told what you must?

It is your duty.
Sit there and judge.
Your mind made up,
Never to budge.

Why would they lie?
It must be true.
Don’t look at the evidence,
We already know.

This person is guilty,
The press told me so.
Why bother with a trial?
To prison he’ll go.

So what does it matter,
That he wasn’t there?
Our job’s to commit,
It’s written everywhere.

After all it’s better,
To be safe than sorry.
We’ll put him away,
Never to worry.

I’ve completed my task,
Fulfilled my role,
It’s my job to convict,
‘They told me so’.

Reasonable doubt,
What does that mean?
No smoke without fire.
Prosecution told me.

Why look at the facts
The tears say it all?
We’ll rely on emotion
To make the ‘right’ call.

What do we care?
Our lives will go on,
A few years or so,
Isn’t really that long.

We’ll send him to jail,
After our tea,
Then stroll out the door,
Feeling guilt free.

This person is guilty
The press told me so.
Why bother with a trial?
To prison he’ll go.


Charlie (his pen name)  was falsely accused and is currently serving 5½  for a historical accusation and has chosen to share his inner most feelings with you through his poetry on the Failed Justice website.

I think you will agree his words speak for ALL of us and we are sending our thoughts and love to you and your family and ALL those falsely accused and their families and want you to know you are not alone and there are thousands of us out here fighting to have these injustices put right and to give you your lives back.

Charlies case is currently under appeal. Good Luck & thank you Charlie XX

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