“Pees Daddy” by Charlie



Charlie our Prison resident poet had a visit this week from his wife and 2 year old daughter, whom he hadn’t seen in 6 weeks because of the distance involved as they have to fly 500 miles to visit him.

Charlie wrote this after she they left, it’s worth mentioning if you don’t get it, that his daughter is only 2 and can’t say please she says pees.

 “Pees Daddy”

Pees Daddy pees don’t go,
It’s been so long pees come home,
I miss your cuddles,
sitting on your knee,
I miss the way you’d make my tea,
I miss the way you’d hold me tight,
I miss the way you’d settle me at night,
I miss the way you make me laugh,
And wrap me up after my evening bath,
I miss the stories you ‘d read to me,
I miss the way you’d rock me to sleep,
I miss you pushing me on the swing,
And asking me to dance and sing.

I miss the slow thud of your heart,
I miss your warmth when we’re apart,
I don’t understand why you’re not there,
Come home Daddy this isn’t fair,
I miss the way you’d hold my hand,
And chase me in summer across the sand,
I miss you Daddy more than words can say,
I wish you were home with me today.

Pees pees Daddy, pees don’t go.
It’s been so long, pees come home..




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