Falsely Accused Questionnaire

Failed Justice UK in conjunction with #metoofalselyaccused, Accused.me, Conviction and Time4Justice UK have collaborated to produce the questionnaire below.

This is your opportunity to tell us how being falsely accused has affected you, your family lives, relationships, careers, finances and health.

So if you are a relative, friend or you were the person accused we need to hear what happened, how it was dealt with and what the outcome was. This is your opportunity to discuss the failings in your case and to highlight what you think could be done to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

This questionnaire is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and only if you want to do you have to give us your details, by doing so we will keep you up to date on the data we collate.

We are planning to organise a march in 2019 through the City of London whereby the results will be presented to Parliament.

This questionnaire will only take you 5 minutes and by doing so you will be helping to provide the data that is required to make a change.

It’s now Time4Justice.

Thank you

https://www.time4justice.uk/survey.htm    <————— QUESTIONNAIRE HERE





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