Dear Mr Judge… Poem by Charlie

This poem has been written by Charlie (his pen name) he is currently serving time in prison on a false accusation, you really didn’t need me to explain that the poem speaks for itself, I just had to share it with you.

Mr Judge  by Charlie


Dear Mr Judge, How do you sleep?

Do you hear the oaths you keep?

Do you realise the man accused

Stands before you human too?

Do you toss and turn in bed;

Evidence running through your head?

The years of lives you so readily take

How oft do you see the Juries’ mistakes?

Do you think of the man condemned? 

All the doubt surrounding him?

Who loses everything at your hands

At the system you serve and stand.

Mr Judge can you honestly say,

The Legal System is working today?

Where’s the evidence you once needed?

The proof that you once heeded?

The ‘so called’ integrity of the Law

Lesser now than it was before.

Goodnight now, close your eyes

You’ll need rest for tomorrow’s lies.


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