Database of False Allegations

This is an ongoing database of publicly recorded false accusations, many absolutely outrageous.

This represents only a very tiny proportion of the false accusations perpetrated annually against innocent victims. False accusations ruin people’s lives and the victims are almost never able to obtain either justice or redress. False accusers should be held to account.

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This is an ongoing database of publicly recorded false accusations, many absolutely outrageous.

1. Sir Cliff Richard: link
2. Mark Pearson: link
3. Jay Cheshire: link
4. 12 year old boy falsely accused: link
5. Kato Harris: link
6. Sister Frances Dominica (Oxford): link
7. Ben Sullivan (Oxford): link
8. Jeffrey Ketland (Oxford): link
9. Paul Gambaccini: link
10. Louis Richardson: link
11. Jordan Maxwell: link
12. Liam Allan: link
13. Harvey Proctor: link
14. Samuel Armstrong: link
15. Danny Kay: link
16. Isaac Itiary: link
17. Darren Kelly: link
18. Wen Zhou Li: link
19. Bartholomeo Joly de Lotbiniere: link
20. Matthew Thomas: link
21. Shaun Carter: link
22. Valentin Krzyzyk: link
23. Bryan Teeson: link
24. Trevor Gray: link
25. Jonathan Price: link
26. Leonard Hawkes and Richard Westwood: link
27. George Worrall: link
28. Fiona Miller: link
29. Denis and Aideen Jones: link
30. Matthew Baron: link
31. Zach Kibirige: link
32. Frederick Williams: link
33. Peter Singh: link
34. Darryl Gee: link
35. Michael Isherwood: link
36. Bill Roache: link
37. Frank Fulker: link
38. Michael Perham: link
39. David Bryant: link
40. Michael Le Vell: link
41. Geoff Long: link
42. Lionel Blair: link
43. Roy Harper: link
44. Lord Bramall: link
45. John Hemming: link
46. Samuel Hughes: link
47. Nigel Evans: link
48. Mohammed Asif: link
49. Thady Duff, James Martin, Leo Mahon, and Patrick Foster: link
50. Alexander Economou: link
51. Louis Walsh: link
52. William Millar: link
53. Leon Brittan: link
54. Dr Roy Catchpole: link
55. David Brown: link
56. Prithvi Sridhar. link
57. Victor Nealon. link
58. Anver Sheikh. link
59. Margaret Hewitt and George Anderson: link
60. Geoffrey Plow: link
61. Graeme Stening: link
62. Dr Unt Tun Maung: link
63. Rassam Ali: link
64. David Tweed: link
65. Nikolas Crawshaw: link
66. Neil Coulson and Joanne Evans: link
67. Barrie Philip Hill: link
68. Raymond Jeacock: link
69. Farooq Siddique: link
70. “Andrew”: link
71. John Maughan: link
72. Iain Wisemen: link
73. George Owen: link
74. Changqing Shao: link
75. Elgan Varney: link
76. “BK”: link
77. Graham Lilley: link
78. Carl Sargeant: link
79. John Brown: link
80: Mackele Tekleliaimanot: link
81. Paul Fensome: link
82. George Glendon: link
83. Samson Makele: link
84. Stephen Glascoe: link
85. Anon male nurse: link
86. Stephen Simmons: link
87. Oliver Mears: link
88. Simon Warr: link
89. Frances Avis: link
90. Vjekoslav Dvorak: link
91. Connor Fitzgerald: link
92. Petruta-Christina Bosoanca and two others: link
93. Christopher Penniall: link
94. John Queen: link
95. Paul Faulkner: link
96. Paul Baden: link
97. Jerry-Lee Hall: link
98. Karl Pollard: link
99. Gerard Scannell: link
100. Unknown victims: link
101. Mahad Cassim: link
102. “William”: link
103. Clive Steer: link
104. Ross Bullock: link
105. Gurpal Virdi: link
106. PC Ryan Canning: link
107. Philip Askew: link
108. “unnamed man”: link
109. Christopher Jefferies: link
110. Otto Putland: link
111. Deborah Lowe: link
112.Sandra Killion: link
113. Bijan Ebrahimi: link
114. Sheila Griffin: link
115. Cameron”: link
116. Richard Holden: link
117. Robert Adlington: link
118. Sally Clark: link
119. Clive Steer: link
120. Alex Cufflin: link
121. Trupti Patel: link
122. Juan and Julie Gilly: link
123. Karen Harper: link
124. Ciaran McKenna: link
125. Patrick Graham: link
126. William Marshall: link
127. David Blaine: link
129. Brian Bergin: link
130. Blair Pettigrew: link

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