“Circus” by Charlie


Welcome to the circus
You sit right here
We have given you
A very special chair

Right in the middle
Don’t be afraid
In just a few minutes
We’ll begin the parade.

We’ll bring in the clowns.
See them right there?
Piles of paper,
Grey wigs for hair.

Soon they’ll begin.
I bet you can’t wait.
They’ll juggle a story
Like spinning a plate.

But not just yet,
Ringmaster’s not here.
Just for the drama,
He’s the last to appear.

Now come the punters.
What a sight they’ll see.
A one off show,
Both exclusive and free.

A sudden quiet
A swing of the door.
And out he comes
To command the floor.

There he is!
Look at his clothes!
I bet he’ll do magic,
In those coloured robes.

He cracks his whip!
‘Let the performance begin’.
Then the spotlight turns
And its pointing at me.




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